About us

The Space Communications Alliance (SCA) is the world’s first dedicated, fully integrated marketing communications network for the space sector. Our international and interdisciplinary team of experts has been at the forefront of innovative technology communications for decades. SCA’s mission is to connect space innovators with customers and partners through integrated public relations, content marketing and social media campaigns that give tangible results.

SCA’s network of experienced PR and communications consultants is an invaluable resource for clients in the space and aeronautics technology industry. From strategic PR planning and high-level client counsel through to creative content development and expert advice on the latest sophisticated communications tactics, SCA members deliver unique, creative, and integrated campaigns for clients worldwide.

Why us?

The stars and skies above have always captured peoples’ imagination. Today, however, they are not just a child’s dream, but rather a real, quantifiable economic opportunity – with entire countries measuring their success by the ability access to space.

Today it is no longer just prestigious government agencies exploring the great unknown. There are over 6,500 satellites orbiting the Earth, and the last five years have seen more satellites sent than the preceding 32 years combined: with the majority of these for the commercial sector. This makes it a vibrant, entrepreneurial industry which is rich in innovation and recession-proof.

Our understanding and passion for the space sector means that we are truly able to understand our clients’ visions, helping them to develop the most effective and creative communications strategies to meet their individual needs.

In such a crowded and rapidly moving market, every penny and cent spent in this industry requires a communications team to amplify the technological marvel on display; and this is where the Space Communications Alliance comes in. The SCA is the first holistic communications network for the sector – bringing together both a knowledge of the industry and expertise in all forms of marketing, public relations, and events management.

The opportunity

The OCED defines the space economy market as "the full range of activities and the use of resources that create value and benefits to human beings in the course of exploring, researching, understanding, managing and utilizing space.”

The space sector is rapidly becoming critical for a growing number of countries. Not only is the market itself set to grow at above GDP growth rates but it is a strategic domain for national defence and security, climate change and connectivity.

Today deployed space infrastructure enables the development of new services, which in turn enables new applications in sectors such as agriculture, meteorology, energy, telecommunications, insurance, transport, maritime, aviation, and urban development, resulting in additional economic and societal benefits.

Is it any wonder that there are now a record number of governments and commercial enterprises engaging in space programs.

International management

The Space Communications Alliance is a complete network of communications professionals, made up of marketing, PR and events agencies. Each member of the Alliance specialises in tech, space and aeronautics.

The SCA operates as a network. Every client and project will have a lead agency who will manage the entire process; collating and collaborating with all other teams and companies involved, before finally presenting plans, progress and results to you. This way, you can focus on running your business, and the lead agency can ensure targets are met on time.

This approach ensures a group response that is flexible and localised enough to provide ROI ‘on the ground’ in multiple markets at the same time, yet is structured enough to ensure efficient, top-down organisation.

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