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We combine a passion and knowledge of the space sector with our global network of experienced, specialist PR and communications experts, to tell your story to the right audience, around the planet. Understanding how a specific new solution can add value to a potential customer’s business is vital when devising effective communications campaigns. This informs the strategy, the messaging, the research and how we measure success.

Whatever your goal, be it in the private sector from raising investment or increasing your brand awareness through to establishing and maintaining a high level of customer trust and loyalty, through to the public sector, we offer a range of approaches to ensure your key messages are properly communicated to the right audiences.


From creative content development through to proactive media and analyst relations, our teams are able to create and deliver the best communications strategy to ensure your business stands out as an expert and thought leader in this incredibly fast-moving and growing market.

Brand strategy

The SCA can help shape your brand strategy, maximising its impact from day one and from the bottom up – giving your enterprise the best chance of achieving its goals.

Digital public relations

Several SCA members are leading independent PR agencies, who specialise in getting a business and their technology in front of the right journalists to ensure consistent, influential coverage. These agencies understand your goals and will help you achieve them – whether that’s just securing coverage or ensuring a successful round of investment.

Media relations

A no one has heard of your ground-breaking technology, is it really so innovative? A good media relations campaign can make the next best thing into a household name by ensuring the right journalists talk about it in the right way.

Visual communications & animation

Today’s interconnected world is full of loud images and colourful pixels – and if your brand is to stand out from your competitors, it needs a visual message; in both pictures and videos. Otherwise, your words will get lost in the noise.

Event management & speaker opportunities

A successful event with a motivating speaker can cement your position as an industry leader – and ensure that your business and message are central to an entire industry. From finding and booking the right speaker, to organising the perfect setting for the canapes, the SCA can host an event to remember.

Integrated campaigns

Holistic campaigns stand the best chance of success – and the SCA can do it all; from website copy to PR, and from social media marketing campaigns to crisis communications. This means that from day one, your branding, message, tone and content is holistic and working towards your business goals.

Analyst relations

Analyst relations is an increasingly important field for tech-centric businessesn and can help set your business apart in an increasingly busy market that still has so much to play for. The SCA is made up of comms pros that have spent decades in the tech industry, which means they can give you the best chance of holding the attention of experts in such a fast-moving market.

Social engagement

Keeping the attention of consumers, industry professionals and investors is not easy in such a fast-moving market that is saturated with innovation – but the SCA can provide the perfect strategy to do just that.

Content marketing

Content truly is king. No matter the budget, a marketing campaign won’t achieve its goals if the content isn’t perfect. Luckily, the SCA is made up of content professionals that have mastered the art of making impactful content that represents the business and its goals.

Content creation

Creating good content is just about knowing the market, understanding your technology and writing well. Yet, as with everything, this is easier said than done and relies largely on the experience and skills of those involved. The SCA has decades of experiencing writing about technology, aeronautics, and the space sector – and so can provide concise and impactful content.

Crisis communications

A crisis communications strategy will prepare your company and its leaders for the worse – and can often be the make-or-break difference between an incident and catastrophe. Experienced comms professionals at the SCA will ensure that you do and say the right thing to the right people.

Research & measurements

There is simply no point paying for a communications campaign if you do not know what’s working and what’s not. The right comms partner can measure and track each campaign, and each euro, dollar or pound spent to make sure you are maximising your ROI.

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